Full time MBA




You will learn to identify and hone the instincts necessary to differentiate yourself and thrive in a competitive executive labor market environment. This module seeds the development of future leaders by going beyond the traditional curricular offerings to explore personality structure and common challenges that inhibit optimal effectiveness in dense social settings. We will together with you explore and seek to understand the cognitive and emotional processes at the core of the exercise of leadership, and to see and practice the self command, self control and self regulation skills and techniques required to master the organizational dynamics you create.
• Duration: 8H

Voicing Yourself

Presence and the use of the voice are critical components of managerial life and practice. You will be challenged in a hands-on workshop taught by a leading voice and movement coach to develop your full expressive capacity, focusing on vocal performance and embodied presence. This is done through a series of five two-hour sessions that include breathing, vocal, and physical exercises. Participants in prior offerings have reported significant improvement in their quality of sound, physical expression, confidence, power, and effectiveness in formal presentations and everyday lives.
• Duration: 8H




You will get individualized feedback on your performance during a class-presentation, including body language, tone, eye contact, verbal habits, and overall rapport and connectedness with the audience. You will receive precise, timely, individualized feedback guided by a framework that challenges you to consider the impact that everything you say and do in public has on the effectiveness and efficacy of your communication, and the persuasiveness of your presentation. You will leave the session in possession of a communication compass - a set of structured questions that will help you model and understand your intent and purpose in making a presentation, and the degree to which the presentation itself achieves your purpose.
• Material: a video of your team presentation
• Duration: 1H


Making Feedback Matter

Professional feedback situations range from the innocuous and exchange of canned pleasantries to dread-inducing (being on the either side of inadvertently insulting, offending, or alienating the collocutor). These conversations are rarely welcomed, or seen for what they could be: a rare opportunity to offer or receive the very information that can lead to professional and personal growth, a lever that can elevate one to the new level of performance. In this module, you will experience and learn effective practices for structuring the context and content of feedback and practice the emotional, and cognitive inner pre-work required to make giving and receiving feedback truly matter.
• Material: As requested
• Duration: 2H



Presence is the great X-factor of managerial communication: Are you really there? What does your body say about the message you produce? Are you eliciting real, authentic presence from the others? You will receive individualized feedback regarding the non-verbal cues you exhibit, in either a class presentation or an interview. This module encourages you to witness and compare your own perceptions regarding your presence with the perceptions of those with whom you interact. You will be provided with a framework for understanding the underpinnings of trustworthiness, rapport, and conveying competence in dyadic and group situations.
• Material: 15 minute video of an interview
• Duration: 1H


Integrative Dialogues

The management of tension, conflict, ambiguity, and radical difference between yourself and others is one of the core skill sets of competent executives. This module will help you map, understand, and, where applicable re-design and re-engineer how you communicate and relate to others in difficult interpersonal situations. It is structured as a personal laboratory experience where students will, in real-time, practice achieving a better - a more integrative, cohesive and committed - outcome in situations involving differences of perspectives and perceptions and misalignment of beliefs and incentives when a collaborative outcome is essential. You will have a chance to practice your own behavioral blueprints and new behaviors designed to deal with defensive rituals, moves and manoeuvres of yourself and others.
• Material: write-up of a ‘Case’ describing a conversation or interaction that did not turn out well for you.
• Duration: 1.5H


Summer Intensive

Developing Your Voice

You will delve into the mind-brain-body workings of personal expressiveness we have explored together in the pre-program and experience guided practice in honing your expressive capacities. This workshop is highly intensive (enrolment is capped at a maximum of 16 participants). It is meant for future executives who want to heighten their ability to express their thoughts and feelings in inter-personal contexts, and who are interested in mastering the emotional and visceral responses associated with interpersonal communication for the purpose of maximizing their effectiveness as communicators.
• Material: As requested
• Duration: 30H


Rotman School of Management,
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 3E6